dein feld auf dem Westbesuch am 03.07.2010 im Westwerk 492

Angelegt von ariane 01/07/2010 at 10:19


Das Jahrtausendfeld ist Kunst?

Es gibt die Gelegenheit am 3.07.2010 im Westwerk einen Quadratmeter 
Jahrtausendfeld zu besichtigen. 

Von Sebastian Denda wird eine Ausstellung im Westwerk unter dem 
Titel "Raumbezogene Kunst" organisiert.

Da passen wir wunderbar hin!

Aber auch auf der Karl-Heine-Straße, an der Siebdruckwerkstatt "Glitzer16" 
könnt Ihr Euch das Logo von "dein feld" auf T-Shirts, Blusen, Pullis 
drucken und die Idee weitertragen!

Original-Inschrift auf einer Bodenplatte aus Edelstahl, mitten im Erholungspark Laaer Berg/ Kurpark Oberlaa (im Süden von Wien, im 10. Bezirk, Favoriten) und 1968-1974 von Landschaftsarchitekt Henke zur WIGA74 entworfen:

(griech.: "Nirgendheim"), Schilderung eines erdachten (erhofften oder befürchteten) Gesellschaftszustandes; ursprünglich wird meist ein Idealzustand dargestellt - übertragen: Hirngespinst, unrealistische Gedankenspielerei, vom Traum besessene Phantasie. 
UTOPIE ist ein Gegenbild des Vorhanden-Wirklichen, macht dessen FRAGWÜRDIGKEIT im Gegenbild deutlich. Insofern übt Utopie KRITIK am jeweils GEGENWÄRTIGEN [Denken = geistige Vergegenwärtigung].
UTOPIE enthält den Willen, das in ihr dargestellte BESSERE in einem Veränderungsvorgang durchzusetzen.
Diese Bezüge auf die WIRKLICHKEIT und ein Ausfindigmachen der Mittel, durch die die utopisch dargestellten Ziele sich in Wirklichkeit umsetzen lassen, machen aus der A b s t r a k t e n UTOPIE bloßer Wunschträume eine 
K O N K R E T E  U T O P I E."

Die Ausstellung wird einen Monat zu sehen sein.

In diesem Zeitraum findet auch das nächste Informationsgespräch vor Ort
statt und wir geben allen Interessierten, die uns eine E-Mail geschrieben 
haben oder sich noch melden und eintragen möchten rechtzeitig Bescheid.


Eure Initiative Jahrtausendfeld


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  1. By Kennedy 17/10/2013 at 03:04

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    I want to thank each and everyone of my patients for all the support and prayers you have given me through this difficult time in my life. I certainly didn’t need another challenge in my life. The world is made up of people in far worse shape and condition than me so I am very grateful for the wonderful life I have and will continue to have. All my patients in the practice were very special to me and I enjoyed not only the work but the relationships. I loved coming to work everyday. I believe that sometimes it’s best to leave at the top of your game. Not the way I wanted to go out, but sometimes you don’t get a choice. I am very proud of the team, (they are the best) and with Dr. Ghatnekar, I feel relieved that everyone is in good hands. It’s early but it appears all the sarcoma is removed. I still can’t believe it grew from 4cm to 15cm in a month. Treatment will probably a couple of weeks for recovery and then who knows what, but it will be up at UCLA. In the future I hope to come into the office and see a few of you from time to time just for a hug!! Thanks, again for all your kindness and understanding for all these years. I will treasure that part of my life. You all are forever in my heart.

  3. By Online Bachelor degree 18/10/2013 at 18:09

    Dr. Feld,Just this week I sent a good friend of mine to see you for her first visit. She called me later with the news of your health issues. I am sorry to hear this is such a hard time for you and your family. I’ll be hoping for the best for you because that is certainly what you deserve. I will miss you dearly- I really wish that I could have gotten to say good-bye. However, I know there will be a day soon where I will see you visiting your office. My friend was so impressed with the office staff that she has decided to give the new dentist a try also!! Thanks for the great dental care you’ve given me over the years. Who am I going to complain to about that upper left side??? I will stay with your team but when I visit now my smile will always be a little bittersweet. You should feel very proud of all you’ve given to your patients over the years. Not just dentistry but support and patience! You are a truly special man.Linda

  4. By buy prednisone 20/10/2013 at 16:28

    Dearest Dr. Feld,It is with a truly heavy heart that I write this. For 31 years, I have been receiving impeccable dental treatment and care from you and your staff and have ALWAYS been in the best of hands. My heart goes out to you and your family during this difficult time, but also to all of your office staff and all of us as clients. I can only speak for myself, but I can say this news was not only devastating, but heartbreaking as I have always considered you a part of my family. I want to thank you for all of your years of professionalism, expertise and most of all friendship. In my mind and in my heart, you are irreplaceable. You will be missed more than words can ever express. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you during this time and I wish you a speedy recovery. I feel nothing but honored to have been able to call you my dentist and friend all these years.All the best,Michele Branch

  5. By buy accutane 24/10/2013 at 20:36

    Checked out the new doctor today…dr. g. is kind and attentive…his skills are almost as good as dr. feld’s – (i mean, common he has huge shoes to fill here)…i asked dr. g. a million questions and he didn’t bat an eye…he answered all my questions directly and confidently…(he also has a certain warmth in his eyes) i am sure the “new guy” is under intense pressure to live up to the legacy of our favorite dentist in the world…not to mention that the staff of super women surrounding him is at once assuring and a little unnerving..but i am feeling confident after today’s meeting, that everything will work out just fine…(insert a huge sigh of relief)…lots of love and healing to dr. feld and his family..xoxoxoxox cindi

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    Dr. Feld, I came to see you with my mom, because she needed an enormous amount of dental work and I knew that you would be the BEST person to do it! I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing health issues. Please take care and get well soon! I know you will be good as new in a short period of time. I miss you and hope to see you at the office soon. Your staff has been so comforting and caring, just like you would have been. They are ALL great and competent people. I trust them and am happy to take my mom to such a wonderful group. Continue your positive attitude.Regards, Dolly

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